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Name Hybrid Reg


Flower Size Color Description
Mack The Knife Dishon 1996 p-la Mini e var Dark green, 0.5" Slightly rippled deep gold margin. Heavy substance.
Mad About Blue . . . . blu .
Madam Scheer NR . S yellow Yellow, brightening to neon gold! Dark red scapes!
Magic Fire Jan van den Top 2004 lav L e var Deep green, wide yellow border that streaks. Lightly wavy.
Majordomo Deckert 2004 n whi L . Fabulous steel blue glow in leaf. Unique swan-shaped flower buds, extremely heavy substance
Mama Mia Benedict NR lav M e var Green with wide bright gold border. Heavy substance.
Mango Salsa
Mango Tango Kinman/Stark 2007 p la M m var Similar to Stitch In Time
Manhattan Brinka/ Petryszyn 1994 p-pur M green Lt green, turning darker. Blue hues. Heavy substance. Slightly shiny.
Manzo Japan NR . Mini m var m var
Maple Leaf Minks 1972 n wh M-L e var Green with wide golden border. Good substance.
Maraschino Cherry Zilis/ Solberg 1999 lav M dk gre Dark green with flat dark green margin. Purple red scapes. Slightly shiny.
Marbled Cream Owens 1985 p pu S-M s var u Deep green, irregularly variegated and marbled with white & cream stripes. Unstable breeder.
Margie's Angel Solberg 2007 n whi M m var Yellow gold with dark green margin.
Marilyn Zilis 1990 p la S-M gold Bright yellow. Good substance. Slightly wavy.
Marilyn Monroe Hawes NR lav M gray -green Gray-green. Heavily rippled. Vigorous grower. Reddish petioles.
Mark Anthony Johnson/ Ferguson 2004 p la M gre - yel .
Marrakech Terpening NR p la S yellow Slightly ripple yellow.
Mary Marie Ann Elgerth 1982 lav S m var Green, medial variagation.
Masquerade England NR lav Mini m var m var
Maui Buttercups Vaughn 1991 vio M gold Medium yellow.
Mayflower Moon Brashear/Meyer NR . M gold 2011 AHS Convention plant
Mayflower Morning
Midwest Magic Zilis/ Schwarz 1999 p-la M-L m var Large flat mound of shiny, bright gold leaves. Dark wide green margin. Good substance.
Mighty Moe Silvers NR p lav Mini m var .
Mighty Moe Silvers NR p la Mini s var .
Mighty Mouse Walters 2006 lav Mini e var .
Mildred Seaver Vaughn 1981 p-ma L e var Good substance.
Millenium Wilkins 1995 whi L blu> green Intensely blue-green, slightly rippled margin. Semi upright, Heavy substance. Intensely corrugated.
Millie's Memoirs Hansen/ ShadyOaks 1999 n wh S-M e var Medium green, 1.5" golden yellow margin. Heavy substance. Corrugated and puckered.
Mini Ha Ha Benedict R NR dk pur S e var Green lance shaped leaves with a creamy white edge.
Mint Julep Malloy 2000 p lav M e var Geenish-yellow, 1.0"white margin. Slightly shiny.
Minuteman Machen 1994 p-la M e var Dark green, 0.75" creamy white margin. Good substance. Lightly wavy & rippled.
Miss Linda Smith Wrede 2006 p la M blu>gre Red/purple petioles
Miss Ruby Wrede 2005 p pu Mini green Green
Miss Saigon Hansen/ ShadyOaks 1999 w-la M e var Medium green, 0.75"creamy white margin. Fragrant.
Mississippi Delta Petryszyn 1998 n wh L blu -gre Intensely blue-green. Nearly round, upright, slightly rippled, very shiny leaves. Good substance.
Mistress Mabel Lachman 1995 p-la M-L e var Excellent substance. Large glossy green leaves, broad creamy white margin. Fragrant.
Moerheim Holland NR . L e var Invalid name - Similar to Antioch.
Montana Aureomarginata AHS 1987 p-la L e var Dark green, bright yellow-green margin that turns white. Good substance.
Montana Ginrei Japan NR p la M e var .
Moon Glow Anderson 1977 lav M e var Edge variegated.
Moon Lily Harshbarger/ Trott 1993 p-la M yel - gol Rare, slug-resistant, golden Tokudama-type
Moon River Lachman 1991 p-vi M e var Dark blue-green with white margin. Some streaking. Good substance.
Moonlight Banyai 1977 p-la L e var Edge variegatde. Doesn't like too much sun.
Moonlight Sonata Johnson NR n wh M-L blu -gre Blue-green. Nearly round leaves. Fragrant.
Morning Light VanEjik-Bos/ VavErven 2000 p-la M m var Pale yellow with dark green margin. ?Slightly shiny, upright. Heavy substance.
Mostly Ghostly Hatch NR . M wh> gre Emerge almost pure white, then flecks of green gradually appear until almost all green.
Mount Everest Dishon 1996 n whi M e var Dark green with 1.5 inch pure white margin.
Mount Tom Lachman 1995 n wh L e var Large, very round, blue-green leave with vey wide whit margin.
Mountain Mist Bridgewood Gardens NR p la M var/ gre Near White, with green speckles.
Mountain Snow Zilis 1988 n wh L e var Geen with variable white margin. Good substance.
Mouse Trap Shady Oaks NR lav Mini m var .
Mr. Big Walden/ West NR lav Gi blu -gre Blue-green. Seersuckered leaves with great substance.
My Cup Of Tea Elslager 2002 p la L yellow Unusual deep greenish yellow with a wide heavily rippled white margin. Heavy substance.
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