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Name Hybrid Reg


Flower Size Color Description
Nancy Gill Vaughn NR lav L blu -gre Medium gray-green. Waxy upright leaves. Heavy substance.
Neat And Tidy Simpers 1980 n wh L green Dark blue-green.
Niagara Falls Brinka/ Petryszyn 1991 p-vio L green Deep green heart shaped waxy leaves. Small deep marginal undulations.
Nifty Fifty Benedict 1986 p-la L e var Blue-green with irregular yellow margin that fades to cream.
Night Before Christmas Machen 1994 p-la M-L m var Creamy white changing to pure white with a 0.75" medium green margin.
Nightlife Zilis 2004 p pu M green Dark Green
Nigrescens sp NR lav L gray Blue-green. Good substance. Vase shaped mound.
Nigrescens Elatior Maekawa NR p-la Gi green Shiny green. Heavy substance.
None Lovelier Elslager 2003 p la L e var e var
Northern Exposure Walters Garden 1997 n wh L e var Blue-green. Very wide yellow-green margin lightens to cream. Heavys substance. Intensely corrugated.
Northern Halo Walters Garden 1984 whi L e var Blue-green, creamy white variable margin.
Northern Lights Walters Garden 1984 whi M m var White center, green margin.
Northern Mist Falstad 1988 n wh M m var .
Northern Star Walters Garden/ Falstad 1993 n wh L e var Chartreuse centers, blue-green margin.
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