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Flower Size Color Description
Sagae Wantanabe 1996 n wh L e var e var. Heavy substance. Upright, smooth leaves. Slug resistant.
Sahara Nights Terpening NR lav S green Green
Saint Elmo's Fire Solberg 1995 p-la M e var White margined mutation of 'Sea Fire'. Good substance. Slightly shiny.
Saishu Jima Korea/ Jap/ Davison/ Summers NR p S green Dark green, lance shaped. Very shiny. Tiny twisted, wavy, rippled.
Salute Benedict 1995 n wh M blu -gre Heavy substance. Intensely blue-green. Smooth, upright.
Samurai Aden NR whi L e var Similar to 'Auroro Borealis'. Yellow margined.
Sara's Sensation Hofer 1998 whi M e var .
Satisfaction Wasitis/ Bridgewood Gardens 2000 n wh L e var Dark green, 2.0" yellow margin. Slightly shiny, rippled, wavy.
Savannah Sugges/ Zilis 1999 p-la L e var Medium green, 0.5" creamy white margins. Very shiny, very wavy.
Scooter Benedict 1990 lav S e var Dark green, wide white creamy margin. Gray streaks along margin.
Sea Aquarius Seaver NR whi L blue Blue.
Sea Beacon Seaver 2004 p la L e var .
Sea Beacon Seaver NR lav M e var Meadium blue-green with 1 -2 inch white margin.
Sea Current Seaver/ Malloy 2001 n wh M green Medium green with a very tightly rippled margin. Slight puckering in center.
Sea Dream Seaver 1984 lav M e var Green, quickly turns to yellow. Ivory variable margin. Slightly rippled. Good substance.
Sea Fire Seaver NR lav M gold> char Bright yellow turning to green.
Sea Gulf Stream Zilis/ Seaver/ Malloy 1999 p la M green> yellow Greenish-yellow. Heavy substance. Intensely waxy.
Sea Hero Seaver NR n wh L blue Blue-green. Heavy substance. Slug resistant.
Sea Lightning Seaver 1981 lav M green Streaked glossy green. Variable.
Sea Lotus Leaf Seaver 1985 p la M blu> green Blue-green. Semi upright. Cupped like lotus leaves.
Sea Monster Seaver 1978 whi Giant green Bright green
Sea Nymph Seaver NR pur M e var .
Sea Octopus Seaver 1981 pur S green Medium green. Lance shape with slightly rippled and undulating margin.
Sea Prize Seaver 1982 p la Mini var strked Green, irregular streaking. Unstable, reverts to 'Sea Yellow Sunrise'.
Sea Sapphire Seaver NR n whi M-L blue Deep blue-green. Heavy substance, heavy texture.
Sea Sunrise Seaver 1982 lav S var Plant has variegation which is reportedly unstable and reverts to Sea Yellow Sunrise.
Sea Thunder Seaver NR lav M m var Creamy yelloow center, Irregular green margin.
Second Wind Kulpa 1991 p-vi M green Dark green leathery leaves. Waxy, very shiny, good substance.
Secret Love vandenTop/ Eechaute 2004 n whi S e var e var Blue Green heart shaped leaves. Good substance.
September Sun Solberg 1985 n wh M m var Yellow, dark green 0.5" margin. Good substance.
Serendipity Aden 1978 d la M blue Pale greenish-white, dark blue-green margin. Heavily rippled, semi upright.
Serendipity Singer Goodenough 2004 p la Mini m var m var
Sergeant Pepper Bridgewood 2001 n whi S e var e var
Shade Fanfare Aden 1986 p-la M e var Two toned green, wide white margin.
Shade Finale Goodwin 2005 p pu S e var e var
Shade Parade Goodwin 2005 n whi Mini e var e m var
Sheila MacQueen Bennerup/ Malloy 2000 p-la S streaked Streaked, good substance.
Shimmering Silk Davis 1996 dk pur M green Very shiny, silky dark green.
Shiny Penny Solberg 1997 lav S yel> cop Yellow-gold, fading to coppery penny color. Heart shaped, very shiny. Good substance.
Shirley Vaughn Vaughn NR lav L e var Edge varigated.
Showboat Lachman 1993 p-la M e var Dark green, 1.5" creamy white margin.
Sieboldiana . NR whi L blue Grey-green.
Sieboldiana Elegans AHS 1987 n wh L blu -gra Grey-green. Good substance.
Sieboldiana Samurai Aden NR whi L bl-gre Blue-green, Lt green edge.
Silver Anniversary O'Harra 1999 whi/str Gia blue Intense blue.
Silver Bowl Fisher/ AHS 1986 n whi L blu -gra Silver-blue. Heavily rippled.
Silver Eagle Stark NR p la M m var Striptease sport
Silver Lode Klehm 1999 p la Mini m var .
Silver Lode Khlem 1999 p la Mini m var .
Silver Star Muroya/ Zilis NR pur M e var .
Silver Streak Zager/Klopping/AHS 1986 p la S var Variegated, lance shaped leaves.
Silver Threads And Golden Needles Anderson/ Martin NR p la Mini s var Yellow Green, with a darker green streaky center.
Simple Division Farmer NR lav S-M m var Shiny bright gold with a dark green center.
Singin' The Blues Beilstein 2007 p la M blue Blue
Smooth Sailing Elslager 2002 lav L streaked Greenish yellow with dark green streaks and a dark green margin.
Snow Cap Aden 1980 whi M e var Blue-green, wide cream to white margin. Striped flower.
Snow Flakes Williams/ AHS 1986 whi S green Narrow medium green leaves. Fragrant.
Snow Mouse Fransen NR . Mini m var .
So Sweet Aden 1986 whi M e var Green, white margin.
Solar Flare Ross 1981 lav Giant gold Bright gold. Heart shaped leaves that are deeply veined and have heavy substance.
Spacious Skies Walden-West/ Hyslop 1999 n wh M blu -gre Intensely blue-green. Slightly rippled.
Sparkling Burgandy Savory 1982 r-pu M oliv -green Olive green, Heavy substance. Spotted flowers.
Spilt Milk Seaver 1999 n wh M-L s var Dark green leaves with interior white streaks. Unstable.
Spinach Patch Vaughn NR whi L dk green Dark green. Heavy substance.
Spinach Souffle Solberg 2006 n whi M e var e var.
Spinners Smith/ BHHS 1988 lav M e var Green, white edge.
Spring Fling Herold 2000 lav M-L e var Green, Slightly shiny. Piecrust edge. Heavily rippled.
Spritzer Aden 1986 p lav M m var Medial variegation.
Squash Casserole Advent 1995 lav M-L gre> gold Emerges green, turns gold. Heavily rippled margin. Good substance. Corrugated.
St. Paul Goad NR p la M m var Thick gold, heart shaped leaves. Wide blue-green margin.
Stained Glass Hansen/ ShadyOaks 1999 n wh M m var Golden yellow, 2.0" dark green margin. Fragrant.
Stained Satin Streaked Winterberry Farm NR p-w M m var Black-green, White center streaking.
Standing Ovation Vaughn 1987 p-la L e var Dark green, creamy white uniform margin.Heavy substance..
Star Light Star Bright Terpening NR lav M e var Green lance shaped leaves with white edge.
Starboard Light Seaver 1994 whi M yellow Dark Yellow. Truly unique.
Stardust Ward 1998 n whi L gold Yellow-gold. Slightly shiny. Slightly rippled.
Stargate Wade NR p la M s var .
Starship Zilis 2004 p la M e var e var
Stepping Out Vaughn NR lav M e var Blue-green center, gold margin. Heavy substance. Slug resistant, slow grower.
Stetson Walters Garden 1997 lav M e var Green, wide gold margin. Heavily rippled. Slightly shiny.
Stiletto Aden 1987 lav Mini e var Green, very narrow white margin. Waby edge.
Stirfry Benedict 1990 lav M dk green Dark green, wavy edge.
Stitch In Time Mortko 2004 p la M e var .
Stitch In Time Mortko 2004 p la M e var Irregular dark green center. Slightly rippled wide yellow margin.
Stolen Kiss Anderson NR p pu Mini m var Gold center, green edge.
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Solberg 2008 Lav M yellow Screaming yellow foliage, red petioles.
Stringbean Cullerton NR . S green Lance shaped green leaves.
Striptease Thompson 1991 p-vi M m var Dark green lance shaped leaves. Narrow milky white center stripe.
Sugar And Cream Zilis 1984 n wh M-L e var Dark green, cream margin. Fragrant.
Sugar And Spice Zilis 2003 p la L e var Very shiny medium to dark green with white margin.
Sultana Zumbar 1988 n wh S e var Dark green, slight chartreuse margin of variable width. Heavy substance.
Sum And Substance Aden 1980 whi Giant gold Chartreuse-green. Heavy substance. Huge!
Sum Cup-o-Joe Elslager 2000 lav L s var Medium green streaked with creamy white. 0.13" white margin. Slightly shiny, slightly rippled.
Sum It Up Zilis 1999 lav L e var Green centered, gold margin. Slightly shiny, slightly rippled.
Sum Of All Zilis NR lav Gi e var Green, Lt green edge.
Sum Total Petrick 1991 vio L e var Dark green, 0.5" margin.
Summer Breeze Zilis/ Diesen 1999 p-la M-L e var Dark green, 1.5" golden yellow margin.Slightly shiny, slightly wavy.
Summer Lovin Zilis/ Mullins 2004 p la M e var e var
Summer Music Klehm 1998 p-la M m var Snow white center, gold-chartreuse margin. Lightly twisted.
Summer Olympics Zilis 2004 lav M bright gold-yellow Bright golden yellow. Lightly wavy, upright.
Summer Squall Solberg 2007 p la S blu>gre .
Sun Catcher Solberg 2004 p lavv M gold Bright gold.
Sun Kissed Solberg 2003 whi M gold Sport of 'Sweet Sunshine'. Gold with a neat, pure white edge. Cupped, puckered, & slightly shiny.
Sun Power Aden 1986 p-la L gold Yellow. Semi vase shaped. Good substance. Wavy edge.
Sun Worshiper Solberg 2006 lav S yellow Yellow
Sunny Disposition Nyikos 2001 pu lav S green> yellow Greenish-yellow. Heavily rippled, slightly shiny. Lightly twisted, folded& wavy. Diamond dusting.
Sunshine Glory Vaughn 1982 lav L e var Yellow, narrow white margin. Semi upright.
Super Nova Zilis 1999 n wh M-L m var Golden yellow, 1.0" blue-green margin. Heavy substance.
Surprised By Joy Malloy 1998 p la Mini m var Slightly shiny white centered leaves with wide green streaked margin.
Sweet Home Chicago Zilis NR lav M m var Yellow-green, 0.75" blue-green margin. Slightly rippled, moderately wavy. Striped flowers.
Sweet Standard Aiden 1984 n whi -f M s var u .
Sweet Tater Pie Advent 1995 d pu M gold Waxy gold. Glossy chartreuse golden color changes through the leaf. Heavy substance. Very shiny.
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